Countering Terrorism on Tomorrow’s Battlefield: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resiliency (NATO COE-DAT Handbook 2)

Lucas M. Cox
Denise Feldner
Trevor P. Helmy
Frank J. Kuzminski
Sarah J. Lohmann
Marcus Mohlin
Aleksander Olech
Wuraola Oyewusi
Gabriel T. Raicu
Silke Ruhl
Sabrina Schulz
Máté Tóth
Megan A. Ward


NATO has prioritized areas of cooperation for innovation and defense as it pertains to emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs). This chapter looks at three of them: autonomous weapons such as drones, technologies using big data, and hypersonic weapons. There will be analysis of how each technology has been used by terrorists or state actors to threaten security and leave critical infrastructure vulnerable. The text will analyze how NATO is repositioning itself to create a coordinated response to these threats and what remains to be done.