Logistics Transformation--Restarting a Stalled Process

Victor Maccagnan LTC


The Army has been pursuing a process of transformational change for over a decade. It is readily apparent that the amount of actual transformation in the Army as a whole has been extremely limited in size and scope. The promise of radical and revolutionary change has yet to take effect across the force. This reality is nowhere more evident than it is in logistics. Logistics transformation has simply not happened to the degree necessitated by today's strategic, operational, and tactical environment. It follows that, if logistics transformation has not occurred or is stalled, the rest of the force will not be able to successfully transform. This paper will address the following: (1) Why there must be a logistics transformation. (2) Why transformation has not yet been realized for logistics concepts, doctrine, processes, systems, organizational structures, and architecture; what has gone wrong, and how to prevent it from occurring again. (3) What must be changed to achieve a successful transformation of logistics, the priority of change, and who must change it. (4) What to do logistically to become a campaign quality Army with a joint and expeditionary mindset. (5) How to reenergize logistics transformation to get results and benefits now.