Mary Raum



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Editors: Beth Bailey, Alesha E. Doan, Shannon Portillo, and Karen Dixon Vuic

Reviewed by Dr. Mary Raum, professor of national security affairs, US Naval War College

This compilation of scholarly, practical, and historical writings presents a running record of events gleaned from research on government policies from the eras of World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the War in Afghanistan. It provides greater insight into the complexities of gender issues with direct ties to defense systems. While service examples and dialogues are primarily aimed at the Army, the Navy and Marine Corps are also included. Historical timelines behind the changes relative to many key gender concerns facing the military in the twenty-first century are included.

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sex, gender, sexuality, Tailhook, US military history, Women’s Army Corps


Defense and Security Studies | Military and Veterans Studies | Peace and Conflict Studies

Book Review: Managing Sex in the U.S. Military: Gender, Identity, and Behavior