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Lieutenant Colonel Dallas Owens analyzes current integration programs and initiatives and evaluates them for their potential to resist transformation's possible threat to AC/RC integration. In Part I, Lieutenant Colonel Owens examines historical and current concepts of integration. He shows how programs emerged from the concept, the barriers to integration that they attempt to address, and their success. In Part II, he looks into the future of AC/RC integration, starting with an overview of transformation, then discussing transformation's impacts on the Reserve Components and their integration with the active force. Finally, he provides conclusions about the current and future state of AC/RC integration and offers recommendations to overcome transformation s challenges to integration. Maintaining an integrated force during transformational turbulence is imperative if the Army is to retain its ability to support the National Military Strategy.

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integration programs; initiatives; defense transformation; AC/RC; Reserves Components; Owens

AC/RC Integration: Today's Success and Transformation's Challenge