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Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy, the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, postulates a future world where challenges to the national security and national interests of the United States will come from many sources. Not only will the armed forces of the United States have to be prepared to counter attacks by nation-states with armed forces equipped with modern weapons, they must also be ready to address a wide range of challenges across the spectrum from urban warlords to narco-terrorists. Today there is a great deal of talk about focusing on the high end of the threat and relying on one dimension of military power, air power, to halt an attack by any would-be aggressor. As General Kennedy's monograph indicates, that will address only a small and distinct portion of the possible challenges we will face in the 21st century.

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information revolution; socio-biological revolution; revolution in military affairs; future war; Kennedy; armed forced challenges; modern weapons; biowarfare

The Age of Revolutions