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Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives to use contractors on deployed military operations remains a contentious issue in U.S. military transformation. Despite the intense debates surrounding the benefits and costs of DoD outsourcing, little attention has focused on similar Ministry of Defence (MoD) initiatives underway in the United Kingdom (UK). Since the UK and United States are likely to remain close allies in future expeditionary deployments, the MoD's approach to contractor support is a salient case study for the DoD and U.S. armed services. The author examines the controversies surrounding deployed contractor support, the ways that the MoD has harnessed private sector capacity, and the lessons this provides for U.S. policymakers and military planners. In doing so, he provides important insights into a significant theme in contemporary defense and security policy.



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Contractors, Uttley, Europe, United Kingdom, transformation, privatization, outsourcing, private contractors, CONDO, private finance initiative, PFI, ministry of defence PPP, contractor logistics, CONLOG, sponsored reserves, permanent joint headquarters, PJHQ, public management, logistics civil augmentation programme, LOGCAP, future war, Iraq, Afghanistan, weapons acquisition

Contractors on Deployed Military Operations: United Kingdom Policy and Doctrine