The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters

Mission Statement

The US Army War College has published The US Army War College Quarterly – Parameters, a refereed journal for contributions concerning contemporary strategy and Landpower, since 1971. Parameters is a product line of the US Army War College Press, which publishes and disseminates strategic-level analysis to inform US military and civilian decisionmakers as well as PME faculty and students. The US Army War College Press supports the research and educational missions of the US Army War College by publishing expert strategic analysis via multiple product lines and platforms on topics such as grand strategy, military and defense strategy, strategic leadership, military ethics, and the military profession.

US Army Leadership

Secretary of the Army

Honorable Christine E. Wormuth

Chief of Staff of the Army

General Randy A. George

Commandant, US Army War College

Major General David C. Hill

Director, SSI and US Army War College Press

Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff

US Army War College Press

Editor in Chief

Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria II

Digital Media Manager

Mr. Richard K. Leach

Managing Editor

Ms. Lori K. Janning

Developmental Editor

Dr. Erin M. Forest

Copy Editors

Ms. Stephanie D. Crider

Ms. Elizabeth Foster

Visual Information Specialists

Mrs. Kristen G. Taylor

Ms. Kaitlyn Guettler


Mrs. Jennifer E. Nevil

Contributing Editors

Dr. Jacqueline N. Deal, Long Term Strategy Group, LLC

Dr. Steven K. Metz, US Army War College, DNSS

Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff, US Army War College, SSI & USAWC Press

Dr. Bettina Renz, University of Nottingham

Dr. Jacob N. Shapiro, Princeton University

Dr. Patricia M. Shields, Texas State University

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Anne Louise Antonoff, Marine Corps University

Dr. Hal Brands, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Douglas W. Bristol Jr., University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Director of Research and Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC

Mr. Jeffery L. Caton, Kepler Strategies, LLC

Dr. Samuel Charap, RAND Corporation

Mr. Murray R. Clark, Colonel (USAF Retired), At Large

Dr. Conrad C. Crane, Lieutenant Colonel (USA Retired), US Army War College, SSI

Prof. Audrey Kurth Cronin, Carnegie Mellon Institute for Security and Technology

Mr. Mark J. Eshelman, Colonel (USA Retired), US Army War College, DDE

Dr. David M. Finkelstein, Center for Naval Analyses

Dr. T. X. Hammes, National Defense University

Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky, Queen’s University

Dr. Marnie Howlett, University of Oxford

Dr. An Jacobs, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Dr. Richard A. Lacquement Jr., US Army War College, SSI

Dr. Nelly Lahoud, US Army War College, DNSS

Dr. Genevieve Lester, US Army War College, De Serio Chair

Dr. Sarah J. Lohmann, University of Washington

Dr. Matthew C. Mason, US Army War College, SSI

Dr. Montgomery McFate, Naval War College

Dr. Andrew Monaghan, Royal United Services Institute

Dr. Kathleen Moore, US Army War College, CSL

Dr. John A. Nagl, US Army War College, DMPSO

Dr. Matthew Pinsker, Dickinson College

Dr. George E. Reed, Colonel (USA Retired), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Dr. Nadia Schadlow, Hudson Institute

Dr. Sibylle Scheipers, University of St. Andrews

Dr. Andrew C. Scobell, US Institute of Peace

Dr. Kalev Sepp, Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Luis Simón, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mr. John W. Spencer, Colonel (California Army National Guard), Modern War Institute at the United States Military Academy

Dr. Samantha A. Taylor, Air Command and Staff College

Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel (US Army, retired), MITRE Corporation

Mr. Bert B. Tussing, Colonel (USMC Retired), US Army War College, CSL

Dr. Marybeth P. Ulrich, Naval War College

Dr. Katarzyna Zysk, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies