The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters


Special Commentary: The Army's Identity Crisis by Gates Brown. Toward Strategic Solvency Ensuring Effective Military Voice, by William E. Rapp. The Crisis of American Military Primacy and the Search for Strategic Solvency, by Hal Brands and Eric Edelman. Are Our Strategic Models Flawed? Faith in War: The American Roots of Global Conflict by Gregory A. Daddis. Solving America's Gray-Zone Puzzle, by Isaiah Wilson III and Scott Smitson. Strategic Uncertainty, the Third Offset, and US Grand Strategy by Ionut C. Popescu. Ends + Ways + Means = (Bad) Strategy, by Jeffrey W. Meiser. Regional Issues in Asia: Turning It Up to Eleven: Belligerent Rhetoric in North Korea's Propaganda, by Mason Richey. Foreign Military Education as PLA Soft Power, by John S. Van Oudenaren and Benjamin E. Fisher

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