The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters


FEATURES: Exploring War’s Character & Nature. "Clausewitz’s Theory of War and Victory in Contemporary Conflict" by Emile Simpson. "Will War’s Nature Change in the Seventh Military Revolution?" by F. G. Hoffman. Learning from Military Transformations. "Lessons Unlearned: Army Transformation and Low-Intensity Conflict" by Pat Proctor. "Navigating the Third Offset Strategy" by Damon V. Coletta. Regional Challenges. "Deterrence & Security Assistance: The South China Sea" by Tommy Ross. "The Belarus Factor in European Security" by Alexander Lanoszka. "Making Peace: Next Steps in Colombia" by Seth Cantey and Ricardo Correa. Army Expansibility. "Expansibility and Army Intelligence" by Rose P. Keravuori. "Expansibility and Army Special Operations Forces" by Eric P. Shwedo.

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