The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters


FEATURES: Special Commentary. “Right vs. Right: Personal Beliefs vs. Professional Obligations” by Linell A. Letendre and Martin L. Cook. Illusions of Victory. "LTG MacFarland: Insights on Illusions of Victory and Iraq” by Russell W. Glenn. “Avoiding Nation-Building: From Nixon to Trump” by Dominic Tierney. 21st Century Political Warfare. “Countering Russian Meddling in US Political Processes” by James P. Farwell. “Countering Russian Disinformation” by Timothy P. McGeehan. “Victory without Casualties: Russia’s Information Operations” by T. S. Allen and A. J. Moore. Special Relationships. “Brexit and the Anglo-American Security and Defense Partnership” by James K. Wither. “Brexit and Transatlantic Security” by Arthur I. Cyr. “US Landpower and an Indo-American Alliance” by Samir Tata.

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